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History of Journey Hair Salon

It has truly been a journey…. Journey Hair Salon’s inception was a dream I held for many years. After working in other salons for eighteen years, I had the opportunity to start my own business. With moral and spiritual support from family and friends as well as a lot of hard work, Journey Hair Salon opened its doors in 2006. The salon specializes in restoring, repairing, and re-growing healthy natural hair, from straight to tightly coiled. Our mission is to focus on providing clients with individualized hair care to meet their specific needs.

While many salons focus solely on the outer appearance of one’s hair, Journey Hair Salon focuses on the entire person—his or her body and lifestyle. We believe that healthy, beautiful hair starts from the inside. In addition to providing hair care services, we offer personalized hair care products, healthy diet tips, and vitamins to aid in improving the entire individual.

In the thirteen years since we began, the business has maintained a steady clientele. Many of the clients have been with Tomika for decades, their children now faithful clients as well. When someone enters Journey Hair Salon, he or she can be sure to be treated with the utmost care and professionalism. The longevity of her client base is a testament to the quality
and individualized care provided in this exceptional salon.` 

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